About OPEN A.i.R.

Pilsen 2015 European Capital of Culture Artist-in-Residence Programme
Fulfilling the vision of an open, cultural city (in all senses of the word “culture”) is the main goal of Pilsen 2015. The motto of the project is “Pilsen, Open Up!”, i.e. openness to new ideas, innovation, creativity and new streams of art geared toward our own citizens as well as Europe, including a strong programme of transparency. It is about opening up new space for minority genres and directions, multicultural society and intergenerational dialogue as well as connecting art and business, science and play, culture and education, art and technologies, creativity and relaxation, public space and art and the like.

OPEN A.i.R. is one of the crucial tools for the goals mentioned above. By hosting international artists and sending Czech artists abroad, the programme aims to open up the local cultural scene and fuel the exchange of ideas, approaches, techniques and contacts.

The main focus of the programme is on site-specific creation with a special interest in interventions in public spaces and new, cutting-edge approaches to re-defining the public space and the way the broader public can relate to it, use it and transform it. This involves both researching the topic and creating site-specific works of different genres – visual art, literature, performance, music, etc.

OPEN A.i.R. is also very much interested in audience development and education. The residencies are a tool for uncovering the processes of creating art and the role of the artist in today’s society. Through regular studio visits, informal meetings with the artists and art education workshops for the broader public, school children and other interested groups, we want to show how contemporary artworks are being created, where the inspiration comes from, how the artists handle it, etc. By approaching things this way the public can be a part of the process of creation and not just a passive receiver.

We aim to build an international network of partners who are interested in bilateral cooperation and the aforementioned topics. So far we are working and negotiating cooperation with partners in Slovakia (Košice 2013), Poland (Wroclaw 2016), Germany (Kunstverein GRAZ e.V, Regensburg, Kulturforum, Potsdam), the Netherlands (Motel Spatie, Arnhem), Japan (Youkobo ArtSpace), France (CEAAC, Strasbourg) and others. We are also a proud member of Res Artis Worldwide Network of Artist in Residence spaces!

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