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CO.CON 2019

CO.CON is a multi-genre festival focusing mainly on 4 themes, mostly related to SCI-FI and FANTASY themes: PC games, comics, cosplay and board and card games. The pilot year of this festival took place in 2019.


She got the biggest space at the festival PC game room, allowing participation in the tournament for prizes. She introduced, for example, old schoolDoom in unconventional multiplayer,historic arcade game room with 8 machines, some even 50 years old, orvirtual reality on several surfaces.
The game is also worth mentioningTrackmania, which was shown on a wide-angle projection made up of about 3 projectors, thus giving the player the feeling of a truly endless horizon.
Of course, practical demonstrations were accompanied by lectures by people from the field, e.g.Tomas Duchek (concept artist of the gameKingdom Come) - who, among other things, led idigital painting workshop, orPavel Dobrovsky (magazine editorLevel). They also appeared at the festivalstudent plays from ZCU.


Another topic wascomics, accompanied by an already ongoing exhibition in the cafe. Those interested could attend lectures by a number of authors, often winners of the Muriel comics prize, e.g.Marek Pokorný (Saint Barbara),Marek Rubec (Jarmil, Fugitives) or the chairmanCzech Academy of Comics Pavel Kořínek, which revived the pre-war comic book characterdog Punti. Among the student lectures, the performance is worth mentioningLucie Dynterová, which createddigital interactive comic (Art Factory), which could be played during the day. As part of the comic, there was also a workshop withMaria Kohoutova dept. asst. from the studioComics and illustrations for children to localSutnarce


An integral part was alsoCOSPLAY subculture where we were visited, for example, by characters fromSTAR WARS, 501 Legion, which actively deals with this topic
and charitable activity.
The post-apocalyptic cars from the upcoming movie have also arrivedTrash Town, which deals with the theme of interpersonal relationships in a devastated world.

It was possible to rest at one ofboard games or perhaps join a tournament inBang.
Another possibility was to try to make and paint a character for very special boardsWARGAMING, taking place on two large tables, full of environment models. 


The central part of the large bus hall was dedicatedmarket place, where visitors could buy everything from the 4 categories and could also meet some of the authors and have their books and comics signed. For example, he arrivedI author of legendaryCzech history scum!!!


The festival also brought a lot of accompanying activities such as escape game Coupe 42,exhibition of lenticular paintings, projection of FAMU short films with science fiction and other topics and finallyafterparty with DJs and spatial video mapping on several canvases. 

23/03/2019 – 24/03/2019 


DEPO2015 Creative Zone



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CO.CON 2023

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