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The National Theatre was rebuilt after a fire thanks to many small and larger financial contributions from the public. The largest encyclopaedia in the world, Wikipedia, was created thanks to hundreds of thousands of people who contributed even just by adding one entry.

Everyone does what they can but nobody can do everything. The new online portal identifies with the motto 'We Share Sources' and aims at connecting people and helping realize ideas that would otherwise stay hidden in a drawer.  Crowd-sourcing, or sharing sources in a community, allows proactive people to find colleagues and supporters who wish to take part in a project or support it. How? For example, by providing soil for the construction of a community garden, by graphically designing posters for a musical festival, by contributing CZK 250 to making a film about the transformation of Pilsen or by lending a van for the transport of a printing machine... That is not all. Everfund also offers help and advice in the preparation of projects and a shared working space as a meeting place. The aim is not only to realize projects but also to create functional and friendly relationships between people that can last beyond the actual projects. You don't have a project? Don't worry, you can find loads at Just choose one and join! Everfund is not limited by space or time; the platform launched on 1 April 2014 and it should work well beyond 2015.

The successfully-concluded projects include for example the reconstruction of a burnt-down Scout clubroom for 40 children in České údolí in Pilsen for which more than CZK 80,000 was collected or a help with the renovation of Waldorf school building in Dobromysl. The Pilsen Photo Club, thanks to the favourable reaction of the public and the interest of the media, chased out darkness from their new studio by buying spark lights. Tens of other projects are collecting support right now!

We will help you to communicate and spread your idea if it is really good and has the potential to captivate enough people who will support it so it can be realized. You will fulfil not only your own dream but also a dream of those who supported it and participated in its realization.