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About the project

In connection with the European Capital of Culture, the popular Czech-Bavarian Days have been held in Pilsen since 2015. In 2017-2019, they were a part of the Czech-Bavarian Cultural Platform under the brand called Treffpunkt. Nowadays, the Czech-Bavarian Days continue under the new name of kultur | kontakt | kreativ.

Art residences/ Festivals /Meetings / Symposium

Pilsen and Regensburg are traditionally very close. The project "kultur | kontakt | kreativ" is a continuation of the Czech-Bavarian platform, which you might know mainly thanks to the festival Treffpunkt. We have started a new Exchange Programme for young artists. For a few weeks, they will be allowed to create artwork abroad and present their work at the festivals, in the spring in Pilsen, and in the autumn in Regensburg. A total of 10 residences will take place each year on both sides of the border, and there will also be 4 festivals and 1 final symposium.

The cross - border project kultur | kontakt | kreativ is being realized by Pilsen 2015, the city of Regensburg, and the Bavaria Bohemia Center from July 2019 to December 2021. It is financed by EU funds - ETC Objective 2014-2020.

More information about the project:

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