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Marie Lukacova & Jakub Rocek


Czech artists Marie Lukacova (1991) and Jakub Rocek (1989) were selected for one month-long residency to Wroclaw. They main task was to explore the city with a strong focus on artistically supporting the process of the revitalization of the most forgotten district in the city, which is called „Olawskie Suburb“. Currently the district is the next included in the European Union revitalization programme, which sets few important questions for Wroclaw: how to combine cultural and community supporting approach to the process of revitalisation with the business approach? How to keep the balance between the „old“ and „the new“? How to link the creative and cultural sectors there?  What are the best solutions for the community, seniors and imigrants living in the district?

Marie said about their project:

"In our artistic work, which is inextricably linked with the post-Soviet urbanism architecture, we try to deal with topics of free grown buildings projects, site-specific rarities and forgotten places, make a short videos in which we work with 3D animation techniques. The object of our project, with which we would like to participate residence should be the author’s book and the video."

This residency was made possible thanks to our cooperation with the A-i-R Wro.