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Carolina Krebietke, Annika Hippler, Rosa Mei, Anna Neizvestnova

The Awakening of the Nečtiny Chapel

Four foreign female artists were chosen for the first artistic residency at the Nečtiny Chapel: Caroline Krebietke (Germany); Annika Hippler (Germany); Rosa Mei (USA/China/ Belgium/Czech Republic); and Anna Neizvestnova (Russia). These artists representing various artistic genres (community art, visual art focused on laser installations, contemporary dance and sculpture) used their projects to follow on from the historical tradition of the artistic space of Ctibor Turba's Chapel Studio. Turba led famous pantomime workshops in the 1990s at the Chapel. 

Partners of the project: the village of Nečtiny, Pilsen region, The Regional Museum of Nečtiny