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Masha Černíková, Michal Krysl, Kamila Mottlová, Benedikt Tolar

La Zone

Thanks to collaboration with artistic associations from Strasbourg, four artists whose work is connected with Pilsen participated in a month-long residency in France. The aim of the residency was to create a site-specific project at the former granary building near the André Malraux Library. The performer and poetry slammer Masha Černíková, the performer Michal Krysl, the sculptor Benedikt Tolar and the dancer Kamila Mottlová created artworks, together with 40 French artists, that changed the abandoned industrial space into a "Zone" (La Zone) inspired by Tarkovsky’s Stalker. The aim of the residency was, among other things, to enable the participants to make contact with foreign artists, to be inspired and find impulses for further work. For example: Kamila Mottlová, though newly found colleagues and friends, participated in an event called "Exhibitronic 2" which took place at Strasbourg Cathedral on 22 September 2012.

Partners of the project: Arcade, A.E.D.E.C, Larkipass