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Rooms called Low Pillars and Plumbery, the café, the courtyard and other spaces are used for various purposes. Through our exhibitions you can enter the active world connecting art, modern technologies and actual themes from various fields; a world you can move and transform yourselves and from which you can learn. This lively space is open to children and adults alike. Custodians play the role of guides and never say 'Don't touch!'. In 2016 we follow on from the existing programme. We have three interactive exhibitions planned for the largest exhibition room. Trick - a digital playground for curious children ran from February until April and enabled children to enter the world of imagination and digital technologies while moving around. A playful and educative exhibition for both children and adults called Adventurers tells a story of the residents of Stod in the 19th century who decided to seek better life in New Zealand. 'My Plasticountry' is an adventurous exhibition about recycling and smart solutions made of 'waste' that can still be used as a raw material. As part of the exhibition, we will invite designers, artists and innovators from Europe to the DEPO2015 to show us what we can do with "discarded plastic", how we can use it, how we can reduce its usage and how to play with it. Children can look forward to a large playful part of the exhibition.