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Creative Incubator

Are you a young creative company? A team that has great products or services but does not know how to manage the business side of things? Do you lack business skills or contacts for important people in your industry? 

Come and join the Creative Incubator! Next course will start in September 2017. APPLY HERE!!!

We have prepared a unique three-month educational programme that will give you the basics for running a business - you will move from an idea through a product or service to a detailed business plan and a market launch. The programme is intended for companies working in product, graphic or fashion design, jewellery-making, animation, crafts and other related creative industries. 


Eight all-day intensive educative courses with tutors coming from practice who know what obstacles you can expect in the field of design, graphic design and other creative industries. You can learn more about strategic planning, financial management, marketing and entering foreign markets.
Consultations with your personal coach who can help you apply knowledge gained in the course and make it into a working business plan.
Meeting with mentors chosen for your industry.
Final evaluation of the business plan by the Creative Incubator's Expert Panel made of professionals in the financial, branding, networking, sales, design and other fields.
The option to use the facilities of the DEPO2015's inspirational space in Pilsen for work and consultations: a co-working office or a prototype workshop with a 3D printer and other technologies.


Educational courses take place on eight consecutive Saturdays at the DEPO2015 Creative Zone at Presslova 14, Pilsen. Most lessons are in Czech, some in English. 

Course plan:

Strategic Planning, Product Definition, Branding, Financial Management, Benchmarking and Environment Analysis, Internationalisation, HR Management and Process Setting, Design Thinking.

You will work with experienced tutors:

Thomas Holzmann - an expert in strategic planning and business development with experience from a University Incubator in Munich and a private consulting company

 Sherrihan Radi - a tutor at Prague College, an expert in financial management and business decision-making

Petra Hubačová - co-founder and ex-babysitter at Techsquare

Tomáš Hrivnák - founder of Hrivnak, a top team specializing in building and developing brands

and much more...


Price of the three-month course: CZK 25,000 (the price is for a team of up to three members)

Participant selection:

The teams will be selected upon submitted application forms and on the basis of recommendations by the Creative Incubator's Expert Panel.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact