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Hidden City

The 'Hidden City' project was created as part of the European Capital of Culture 2015 programme. It began with the idea to give Pilsen residents and their guests a mobile application that would guide them around unknown places in Pilsen, introduce half-forgotten stories and show them the city from an unexpected point of view.

The work on the guide then lead to meetings with various people, contemporaries, active citizens and archives and The Hidden City became one of the projects that most engaged Pilsen residents in collaboration. The mobile application with individual routes can be downloaded for free at The Pilsen Family Photo Album exhibition, as well as guided tours around the city with contemporaries, anthropologists and residents, also helped discover the hidden identity of Pilsen. The Neighbour Walks project presented both the history and presence of selected places which tourist could not normally visit. Whether visitors joined a Neighbour Walk to the prison, along a river, to the villa quarter and stone monuments or walked around the city with the mobile application guided by a war veteran, a rebel, a cooper, a foreigner or other guides, it was always a unique experience.

Neighbour Walks continue this year as well, about once a month. You can find the up-to-date list at