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Vision and mission

The DEPO2015 Creative Zone is a lively place for both the consumption and the creation of art and culture.

Our vision is a place where people work, get educated, learn a craft, meet their business targets and at the same time enjoy art, concerts, lectures, exhibitions and gastronomy, simply a cultural environment. The common denominator in everything we do is openness, creativity and innovation. The DEPO2015 represents the Pilsen metropolis in the filed of creative industries in the Czech Republic, Bavaria and other European countries. Our mission is to fulfil elementary aspects connected with the European Capital of Culture title and its sustainability, i.e. strengthening the European dimension and engaging and mobilizing citizens. European collaboration is very important for us and that is why we integrate in European networks and support cooperation with European Capitals of Culture, universities and similar independent centres. We try to fill empty spaces in the cultural and social offer in Pilsen and the Pilsen Region. The principles we follow include openness, open sources, sharing of ideas and thoughts and collaboration instead of competition.