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Artist Wanted In Pilsen, Czech Republic

OPEN A.i.R. Artist in Residence is inviting artists and designers from all over the world.

OPEN A.i.R. Artist in Residence Program in the DEPO2015 Creative Zone is inviting artists of all genres and from all over the world to live and work in the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Date of residency: March 2018 – November 2019. The artist would choose the period of his/her residency, however the residency time frame has to be approved by the coordinators. 

Number of participants: up to 3, the artist can come with a companion.

Profile of the resident: Artist who wants to develop his/her project in the DEPO2015 Creative Zone; while collaborating and contributing with his/her ideas and know how to the organization. The artist wanted should be open-minded and willing to collaborate with DEPO2015 crew.

There is no special requirement of the genre of the art project, but the OPEN A.i.R. Program focuses mainly on visual arts, new media and topics of recycling and DIY approach. Giving preferences to design, digital and interactive art.

Language: English or Czech 

Applications including CV (in a tabular form with an overview of past exhibitions, etc.), portfolio of recent works (up to 5 different projects) and cover letter commenting on artist intention in English or Czech should be sent not later than one month before the start of the residency project to Tereza Svaskove on 

The specialist jury make the decision within two weeks after receiving the application.

In your cover letter please mention what are the topics and issues you are currently working on or you would like to target during the residency. Let us know what motivates you to come to live and work in Pilsen.

Conditions of the residency:
The OPEN A.i.R. programme currently resides at the DEPO2015 Creative Zone, with facilities such as one shared art studio, a flat for artists, one combined flat and studio for artists and many spaces for the final presentations of residents. The artists can also use machines and the masters‘ craftsmanship in the open workshop Makerspace situated right at DEPO2015. There is also a darkroom for photographers.

a shared studio> €120 / per one month

  • 4,8 x 5m,, height 2,6m
  • a really good space, quiet, sunny
  • fully equipped, a small library, Internet access
  • next to this studio there is WC, shower
  • kitchen (2,6 x 4,5m, height 2,6m) is situated right upstairs
a flat> €13 per 1 night

in the case that it is a whole month then it will cost only €200

  • the flat is located in DEPO2015
  • fully equipped: double-bed, small kitchen, WC, shower
  • Internet connection 

live-work space > €220 / per one month

  • 5 x 4,9m height 2,6m
  • a really good space, quiet, sunny
  • fully equipped: double-bed, work desk, “chill-out zone”, Internet access
  • a kitchen (2,6 x 4,5m, height 2,6m) is situated right next to this room
  • there is WC, shower downstairs in the building

It is also possible to use all the workspaces in DEPO2015 for the fee 2€/ 1 hour (with the consultation of our masters). We have there fab lab, sewing lab, makerspace (work with metal, wood...), graphic studio, screen printing studio and darkroom for photographers.

Curatorial and production support is provided for free.

We can provide artist with 30% discount on the accommodation and studio rent fees if:

  • The artist would be willing to share his/her open source
  • The artist want to leave his/her artwork in DEPO2015
  • The artist will organise series of workshops for public

Be sure that everything is up to the mutual agreement. We want you to feel comfortable and free to work in the DEPO2015. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

DEPO2015 is an outcome of the Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015 project. The heart of DEPO2015 is The Centre for Creative Enterprise which connects culture with business and creative industries. The depot is a place where both start-ups and established companies reside, work, create, present and trade. A community of creative people with great ideas and the ambition to realise them has the opportunity to go through a process of incubation, i.e. to kick-start their business plan with the assistance and mentoring of professionals from the culture and creative industries, they can use a shared working space, an open workshop to make prototypes or rent a studio or an office. DEPO2015 is also an open cultural space which is needed for the development of new ideas, and it increases the attractiveness of the place for the people who reside, work and create at DEPO2015 as well as the general public. Exhibitions are held here as well as performing arts events and interesting meet ups.

For more information check:

OPEN A.i.R.:

or contact:
Tereza Svášková on more details