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Czech Artist Wanted for the Residency in Wroclaw

Hostující organizace: Air Wro and OPEN A.i.R v rámci spolupráce Wroclaw 2016 European Capital of Culture a Pilsen 2015 European Capital of Culture

Datum rezidence: ŘÍJEN 2015

Počet účastníků: 1

Host organization: Air Wro and OPEN A.i.R in the frame of cooperation of Wroclaw 2016 European Capital of Culture with Pilsen 2015 European Capital of Culture

Date of residency: October 2015

Number of participants: 1


Profile of the resident: We are looking for Czech artist, who is ready to explore the city with a strong focus on artistically supporting the  process of the revitalization of the most forgotten district in the city, which is called „Olawskie Suburb“. We prefer visual artists, architects, urbanists, community arts and urban art artists.


Applications including CV, portfolio and cover letter including a project description (in English) should be sent no later than 1st September 2015 to: Tereza Svášková, Residents will be chosen by a specialist jury by 4th September 2015.


About Air Wro and the residency:

  • A-i-R Wro is a long-term and interdisciplinary artist-in-residence programme established under the auspices of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016. Based on a collaboration of local and foreign partners it aims to create an international platform that will enable artists, curators, animators, managers, organisations and institutions to cooperate and exchange their experiences, practices, ideas and knowledge. In addition, A-i-R Wro intends to promote artists, support their development and mobility as well as to give them an opportunity to form cultural bonds beyond borders. We invite artists who represent different disciplines of art as well as these who work on their borders, both emerging and experienced ones, interested in collaboration with representatives of the local art scene, open to get to know a capital of the Lower Silesia region with its inhabitants, and therefore to find a creative connection between Wroclaw and cities that they come from.
  • During the residency the artist will work with the local community, local artists, urban activists, architects and designers in order to find a new way to implement the process of revitalization in one of the most beautiful, yet forgotten, areas of Wroclaw. The district, called „Olawskie Suburb“, is located in the eastern part of Wroclaw with approx. 25 thousand of habitants. Before World War II it was the representative area of Wroclaw, which has been in almost 60% destroyed. Its characteristic buildings are a multi-storey rent houses and post-industrial buildings from the turn of the century. Since WW II a common name of this part of the city is „Bermuda Triangle“, which channels the opinion about it - known as inhabited by the difficult sections of society and a very dangerous place with a high crime rate. Currently, the area has not been characterized by above-average crime and its notoriety is stereotypical. The area was significantly damaged during the flood of the millennium in 1997. The houses were flooded to the first floor and many buildings were irreparably damaged and, in subsequent years, gradually demolished and replaced with new ones. Currently the district is the next included in the European Union revitalization programme, which sets few important questions for Wroclaw: how to combine cultural and community supporting approach to the process of revitalisation with the business approach? How to keep the balance between the „old“ and „the new“? How to link the creative and cultural sectors there?  What are the best solutions for the community, seniors and imigrants living in the district?
  • Additional materials about the district:,Wroclaw,Przedmiescie_Olawskie.html or


Organisar will provide:

The organiser of the residency will provide:

  • transport (up to €200)
  • accommodation
  • material and technical equipment required for the residency (up to €1000)
  • honorarium (€1000 gross per month)


Accommodation for residents:

The resident will be accommodated in his/her own room in a residential flat located in the strict city centre. There are altogether two rooms, a shared kitchen, bathroom and toilet.  


For more information check:

Wroclaw 2016:

Air Wro: or

Pilsen 2015:

OPEN A.i.R.:


...or contact:

Krzysztof Bielaszka on Artist-in-Residence A-i-R Wro Programme, European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016,

Tereza Svášková on OPEN A.i.R., the city of Pilsen,