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The industrial zone at the DEPO2015, as the former transport depot, is a place with a unique interior and special genius loci for filming. The original industrial form has been preserved and the DEPO2015 offers exceptional spacious halls with high arches.

  • the premises are fenced and monitored 24/7
  • the premises connect to a parking lot with the area of 10,000 sq. m for up to 200 cars (the parking lot is part of the fenced area)
  • there is another operational area that can be used for parking
  • the premises include a large square in the middle (a sloping uneven concrete area)
  • a café that also offers catering
  • an old non-functional petrol station has been preserved
  • all halls have original gates that enable easy access for technical equipment
  • the premises offer a great advantage - a large load-capacity of the ceiling panels for hanging technical equipment and power distribution
  • the following halls and rooms are particularly suitable for filming:
  1. The Bus Hall (35 x 21 m floor, overall area of 760 sq. m)
  2. The Plumbery (overall floor-space of 240 sq. m, black-box parameters)
  3. The Greenhouse (floor-space of 680 sq. m, a glassed hall with natural light)