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BLIK BLIK – Light Festival 2016

Welcome to the second edition of the Light Festival in Pilsen. This year, we have called it BLIK BLIK and tried to discover some magical places for you around Lochotín – a part of the city with plenty of atmosphere, from the Zoo and the villa area along to blocks of flats.

Enjoy Pilsen in all its illuminated glory! 

Start: 18.3.2016

Time: 18:00

End: 19.3.2016

Tickets online

The festival installations will be accessible for FREE on Friday 18 March and Saturday 19 March from 6:00pm to 11:00pm.

Information stands run by the Guardian Angels' Club will be located at Pilsen Zoo, the Medical Faculty on Lidická Street and the Atom shopping centre.

The main route is 3km long, with refreshments offered along the way. With a torch and high spirits, you can also visit places from the supporting programme in the Forgotten Garden above the streets Pod Záhorskem and K Pramenům in Roudná.

The Light Festival began in Pilsen in 2015 as part of the Pilsen 2015 – European Capital of Culture programme.

We would like to thank the partners of this event:

  • CrossCafe and Sokolovna Bolevec
  • Czech Tourism
  • Pilsen 1 Municipal Council, mayor Miroslav Brabec
  • Pilsen Zoo, Martin Vobruba and Hynek Sýkora
  • Porsche Pilsen
  • K&V Elektro
  • ICE Factory
  • SUBATOM s.r.o., OC Atom
  • LAVERNA TRADE s.r.o., OC Družba
  • all of the artists; with special thanks to Kinocirkus for their support
  • the DEPO2015 technical team.

Organised by: Pilsen 2015 with the support of The City of Pilsen, Pilsen 1 Municipal Council and The Pilsen Region.

BLIK BLIK – festival of light and art in the public space, Pilsen 2016


1. Design Fireworks / Zuzana Petrovičová and Ondřej Makši (SK)

Fireworks: tested over millennia, exploding, deafening and enchanting. The audio-visual project "Design Fireworks" changes this formerly passive source of entertainment and elevates it to a personal experience. You can use your smartphone to design and launch your own fireworks that cooperate, are odourless and, most importantly, last for more than a few minutes. Do you think that we can spark 500,000 digital explosions so that the Pilsen night will be quiet and dark no more?

Screenings at the Zoo Pilsen amphitheatre.

2. Andromeda / Peter Vrábel´

We live in a universe, infinite and seemingly chaotic, nonetheless united. From a galaxy, to a planet, to a star, up to the smallest atomic entity, all is interconnected. This unity of the universe is presented by Peter Vrábeľ in his extensive light installation of several thousands lights that shine like a moon light, which are distributed seemingly without any rules, any symmetry, hence creating the impression of a star carpet on the ground.

3. Translation / AVExciters (FR)

Architecture helps us understand context. Inspired by the unique architecture of the Pavlov Pavilion of the Medical Faculty of the Charles University in Pilsen, we are aiming to find an axis between Strasbourg and Pilsen. This route, known as Via Carolina, is the key to the virtual transformation and a reset of the shapes of the Medical Faculty. A multifaceted pulsating heart is both the trigger and the driving force behind our journey.

The French artists AVExciters, who created the video-mapping show projected onto the building of the Museum of West Bohemia at last year's festival, will return to Pilsen. Jeremiah Bellot, Josselin Fouché and Sebastian Schnabel.

4. Ocelot / Čestmír Suška, Petr Pufler

The metal monster Ocelot brought to life by light and smoke. A light installation at the Ve Vilách Restaurant on Lidická Street.

5. Undulated Light / Pavla Beranová

20 original lamps by the light designer Pavla Beranová will shine on Karolíny Světlé Street.

6. Byrokvarium / Kinocirkus

The VJ association Kinocirkus that introduced the successful installation Continuum at DEPO2015 in 2015 has prepared a light installation for a ceramic relief next to the Konzum shop at the shopping mall Družba.

7. FOR PEACE! / Róbert Farkaš / sedemminut (SK)

Walking transforming into running and running being as fast as light. 50 runners for peace, liberty and art. Light installation in the central park Lochotin by the swimming pool.

8. Green Škoda / Axel T. Schmidt (DE)

German artist Axel T Schmidt uses large icecubes as moulds and hot wax, which he fills into the prepared caverns inside.

9. Shop window / Atom

Instalation with surprise in the shop windows of the former shopping mall Atom.

10. Hidden Horní Slavkov Factory / Gabriel Vach

The story of the oldest, and unfortunately now closed, porcelain factory in Horní Slavkov in a delicate shadow installation. Flashlights necessary for viewing the installation will be available on the spot, in one of the empty shops of the Atom shopping centre.

11. Brocken 5.1 / Yasuhiro Chida (JAP)

200,000 tiny holes in an object by the Japanese artist Yasuhiro Chida will create the illusion that Pilsen is flying through the night sky. By Sokolovna Bolevec, Ledecká 19.


12. Festival party (only 18th March at 20:00)

DJ will be accompanied by the brass-player El Checo in a performance at Sokolovna Bolevec. This evening will also offer special supporting screenings. Tickets: CZK 50 via the Pilsen Ticket network, Goout and at the door.

13. The Forgotten Garden / ENVIC

A candle-lit walk through a garden for those who love magic and adventure. Anyone who has their own lamp at home can bring it along. The capacity of the garden is limited and the waiting time will be improved by tea cooked on a fire. The garden does not have wheelchair access and is not suitable for prams.

14. Light Festival by the water stream in Roudná / Foster the City

Three magical streams in Roudná in a new light cast by the Foster the City association and the citizens of Roudná. Be aware that the path from Bolevecká to Pramenní Streets is supported but not illuminated along the entire route. Volunteers from the Guardian Angels' Club will be offering torches but if you take your own, you will be glad you did!

15. PhotoLightMagic / Photo Club Pilsen

3 to 5-minute-long light shows in the photography studio; repeated at 10 to 15-minute intervals. The studio’s capacity is limited; you can wait outside and make use of the outdoor photo scene.

The Photo Club Studio, Kaznějovská 1442/49, entrance from the back.

16. Screenings on Panel Blocks of Flats / The Finále Festival

An action group of the Finále Festival will travel along the route between individual light installations with a guerilla screening. Look out for them and look forward to short films screened on the walls of the blocks of flats!

17. Screening on the Exterior / The Digital Skills House

You can influence the final look of this building’s exterior through this special video-mapping controlled by smartphones. You can choose from a number of special effects – from waves, running water and explosions through to the destruction of the façade. By stepping on special tiles placed around the building you can play a virtual “piano”.


In collaboration with: Biela Noc Košice / Bratislava; the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art; the Foster the City association; Envic, z.s., the Pilsen Photo Club; the Digital Skills House

Pre-sale tickets for the festival party on 18 March are available via the Pilsen Ticket network, Goout and at the door.

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