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BLIK BLIK: Festival of light 2017

Již potřetí se 17. a 18. března Plzeň připojí k evropským metropolím, které lákají návštěvníky po setmění do ulic za netradičními zážitky. Festival světla v Plzni se navíc snaží objevovat neobvyklá místa ve městě.

Start: 17.3.2017

Time: 18:00

End: 18.3.2017

Tickets online


1. Black and White?

Zuzana Lednická, Vít Trunec, Luděk Černý

Renowned Czech designer Zuzana Lednická designed a series of inflatable balls Black and White as a hommage to iconic toys by Libuše Niklová for Fatra company made in 1960´. Thanks to a technological cooperation with Vít Trunec and Luděk Černý you are going to enjoy a premiére performance of design, traditional craft and digital technologies combined.

Location: Riegrova ulice, GPS: 49.747430, 13.375076


2. Robotics

Promoplay - Robert Eckstein a Michal Šmolík

Interactive 3D mapping on the topic of Robotics sponsored by the House of Digital Competencies in Pilsen to promote their innovative agenda of drones, robotics and digital services and software. The authors of the installation Robert Eckstein and Michal Šmolík are known worldwide thanks to their interactive sandbox called Sandy Station.

Location: Dominikánská 9, GPS: 49.748825, 13.376962


3. Cars from Mars

Benedikt Tolar

Visiting an inacessible garden in the centre of Pilsen is allready a great experience. On top of that, there is a simple small Ford turned into a discoball by dozens od small mirrors and three dustbins turned into a bugy. Magic and absurd situation.

The author Benedikt Tolar teaches in the sculpture department of Faculty of design and art in Pilsen. He´s made many installations for DEPO2015, where he has his own atelier.

Location: Malá 2, GPS: 49.749406, 13.378264


4. Elysion 2.0

Jürgen Böhm (DE)

ELYSION 2.0 is an art-installation of 20 lighted camping-tents on a floating water.

The surface of the tents is printed with cut-outs of photocollages made by press-photos of refugees from all over the world since about the end of the 19th century.

These cut-outs have the form of fingerprints from real people – but not from current refugees. To every fingerprint the owners number of the identity-card is printed.

Location: Mže river next to Roosevelt bridge, GPS: 49.751104, 13.378558


5. Sunflowers

Maxim Velčovský

Three giant lamps as a set for a romantic cofee in Roudná. Maxim Velčovský was awarded a Designblok Award for this artwork showing how elegantly shape a puzzle made of 300 large plastic buckets. In spite of that, it´s deffinitely the most complicated installation of this year´s festival.

Location: Na Roudné 5, GPS: 49.752333, 13.379439


6. Legends of Roudná

Animánie and authors: Veronika Bajerová, Martina Voráčková, Tomáš Macek, Honza Příhoda, Vítek Voráček

Memories and old stories of Roudná projected on one of the oldest houses in the neighbourhood using the most simple and basic tools and artistic approach - just a theatrical light and shadow. Animánie is an NGO from Pilsen focused on education in animated film and a promoter of a yearly animation film festival.

Location: U Sv. Rocha 3, GPS: 49.751566, 13.379420


7. Floods 2002

Jan Loučím

Raw shooting of the peak of flooding, that struck Pilsen and Roudná on 2002.

Location: Úzká 10, GPS: 49.751672, 13.380569


8. Argo

Boris Vitázek, Zuzana Sabová (SK)

Artistic couple Boris Vitázek and Zuzana Sabová work together for the 4th time painting an original large scale mural, based on a local story of a dog rescued during the floods in 2002. The mural is set in motion for the two nights during the festival using an animation and projection.

Location: Bělohorská 4, GPS: 49.753158, 13.382037


9. Demonz

Computer game in the real world – shoot the demons and don´t worry, you´ll break only the virtual glass.

Please return the balls so that other can play too!

Location: Pod Všemi svatými 2, GPS: 49.752657, 13.379668


10. Air

Iyo Hasegawa (JAP)

Enter a typical local courtyard and enjoy the shadowgame of an almost invisible and fragile installation. Iyo Hasegawa uses strong PET foil folded into a large origami, lit by LED lights for the occasion of the BLIK BLIK festival.

Location: Pod Všemi svatými 2, GPS: 49.752657, 13.379668


11. Reflections

Echt Street Puppets

Futuristic hight-tech puppets recording faces of passerbys. Echt Street Puppets are led by Jan Bažant (renowned cartoon designer) and Lukáš Kuchinka (set designer). For the first time they plugged their puppets into digital technologies proposing a way how to combine tradition with innovative approach.

Location: Pod Všemi svatými, GPS: 49.754772, 13.378844


12. Noisescape V2

Teemu Määttänen (FIN)

Unique baroque building hosting a colourful animation on a wavy yet static sculptural structure. The result is a combination of calediscope view, moving jungle o ran elegant japanese-style painting set in motion.

Teemu Määttänen works both as a digital artist and a theatre designer.

Location: Pod Všemi svatými 69, GPS: 49.756904, 13.378336


13. Netykavky

Dan Gregor

Three fragile light sculptures are touch sensitive and change their shapes in a reaction to the audience movement.

Dan Gregor is one of the top Czech digital artists, his work was presented also in the most important digital arts festival Ars Electronica in Linz.

Location: Sklepy Plzeňského Prazdroje / Pilsner Urquell Cellars, GPS: 49.747295, 13.387427



Šimon Kern (SK)

Monument to recycling bulit from recovered bottles and prototype PET bricks.

Location: Štruncovy sady, GPS: 49.748604, 13.383942


15. Hommage á coopers

Benedikt Tolar

The craft of the coopers is one of the most precious assets of the Pilsner brewery. The original sculpture made of unused casks.

Location: Pilsner Urquell courtyard, GPS: 49.746922, 13.388196


A. Infocentrum, shop

Náměstí Republiky


The interactive exhibition maps the biggest stories of Czech football. Go through the story from the square outside the city to the modern stadium. Nominate for a match, become a hero and learn to cooperate.

Does Vršovice "scoop" belong to the gallery? Do you know that Pepi Bican has scored more goals than Pelé? And do you know that he refused to represent Germany and risked his life? Do you know that the Barcelona's best player of the 20th century played in our representation? Do you know how many Czech players have won the Golden Ball?

The Góóól exhibition is based on a book by Ondřej Fuczik Heroes, whose main message is the fact that heroism is not only about a sport performance, but requires extraordinary human qualities.

The exhibition for children and their adults GÓÓÓL will be open from 22 January to 30 June in DEPO2015.

We are also preparing a rich accompanying program and lecture programs. Follow the news on the upcoming exhibition on facebook!

The WALLZ Exhibition No. 1 was opened in DEPO2015 as part of the first year of the WALLZ Street Art Festival in Pilsen. It presents a selection of studio work of all artists who participated in the festival, as well as direct artistic interventions in the exhibition space. You can only see these art pieces during the exhibition. After the exhibition is over, the same “street art fate” awaits them: a white paint and a roller.

Michal Škapa aka Tron and Ondřej Vyhnánek aka X-Dog are represented at the exhibition not only by their own pieces of art but also by their two, joint works. They combine their work very similar to their art piece on the wall in Zahradní street.

On the other hand, Josef Sedlák aka Akrobad and Tomáš Staněk aka Obras are presented separately for the first time.

In addition to his large paintings, Jakub Janovský also exhibits enamels that represent his most current work. Daniela Herodesová presents examples of her illustration work.

ZBIOK brought a selection of his canvases from Poland, while the Austrians Skirl and Ruin left original paintings directly on the exhibition panels. TIMO, the artist from Brno also used the exhibition space in a similar way.

The exhibition runs from 23 August to 18 October 2020 in the Bistro and Café DEPO2015 and in Truhlárny DEPO2015.


The second year of the largest photographic event in West Bohemia.

Look forward to the lectures, workshops and discussions for all amateur and professional photographers at the largest photographic event in West Bohemia.

For more information click here.

Chybí vám cestování a trhy, kde můžete ochutnat to nejčerstvější slaďoučké exotické ovoce? Hakuna matata! Žádný problém! 

Africké trhy vám zaručeně spraví náladu.  Kromě ovoce z Ugandy a Indonésie dorazí i várka z daleké Kolumbie. Tak se nechte přenést do teplých krajů a přijďte si pro opuncii, granadillu, žluté dračí ovoce a mnoho dalšího do DEPO2015 již tuto sobotu. 

Více o události ZDE.

Pořadatelem afrického trhu je, česko-ugandský food projekt, který dováží tu nejčerstvější zemědělskou produkci letecky, ze srdce Afriky. podporuje ugandské lokální farmáře a pěstitele, vykupuje za férové ceny a těší česká srdce tím nejupřímnějším ovocem na světě. Víc informací najdete na

Clothing swaps are a great way to refill one's wardrobe!

SWAP is all about exchanging good clothes that you don’t use anymore for other pieces of clothes you like. And what’s more, the clothes that rest will be donated to a charity or to a further upcycling.

Entrance fee is 100 Kč and you can come back during the day as you wish. The maximum items you can take home is 10 pieces from each category (women, men, kids).

For more information click here.

Light it up with us at this year's Night Run for Světluška in Pilsen!


The Světluška Foundation is a charity for the blind run by Český Rozhlas (National Radio Station).  Every year they organise a night run called Night Run for Světluška in order to raise awareness and money for the blind people. Join the "Firefly" this year and support this charity. 

Register HERE.

Žebřík Music Awards will be an OPEN AIR event! The winners of the 28th year of Žebřík Music Awards will be announced on Friday, October 9, 2020 in DEPO2015.

For more information visit the official website.

Buy tickets HERE.

IRMF, with its attention to the road movie genre, is a unique film festival in Pilsen.. Over the course of three days, audiences will have a unique chance to learn how filmmakers work with a genre whose motive is the transformation of heroes through life and travel experiences.

For more information click here.

8000 km a 18 dní na cestě z Prahy do Skotska a zpět na Hondě CB500X.

"Do Skotska jsem vyrazil na motorce, za naprostou svobodou a dobrodružstvím. Toulal jsem se kolem jezer, mezi horami, obdivoval nejhezčí pláže Evropy a bloudil zapomenutými silničkami. Skotsko je nádherné v každém počasí. Na projekci s parádním videem i fotkami si ho vychutnáte hezky v teple a suchu – na rozdíl ode mě."

Mezinárodní Road Movie Festival zahájí film Staříci.

Vlastovi a Tondovi již nezbývá mnoho let života, mají však před sebou jeden důležitý úkol – vypátrat a zabít komunistického prokurátora, který v 50. letech stál za jejich odsouzením. Atypická road movie o dvojici bývalých politických vězňů bijících se navzdory všem omezením a překážkám za spravedlnost.

Kompletní program naleznete zde.

Maker Faire  „The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth“, it is an inventor’s exhibition, a fun fair and at the same time something completely new. It’s a family-friendly showcase of innovation, creativity, and technology, where every creator can exhibit their project, project ducts, gadget, hack, experiment or hobby. Some of them present themselves for the first time publicly.

Maker Faire is a meeting of creative and inquisitive people who enjoy learning new things and share knowledge and experience in an informal and friendly environment. Where else should such an event be held, than in Pilsen – in the hometown of the Czech greatest inventor and tinkerer František Křižík and the creators of Škoda and Pilsner Urquell.

Come and take part in the biggest celebration of innovation and creativity in the West Bohemian region or submit your own project!

Mezinárodní Road Movie Festival zakonční film 303.

Na cestě z Berlína do Portugalska zastaví mladá studentka biologie Jule se svou zrezivělou obytnou dodávkou stopujícímu Janovi. Jejich společné hovory o všem možném jsou natolik intenzivní, že – ač se tomu oba vědomě brání – se jejich vzájemné zalíbení zdá být téměř nevyhnutelným.

Nenechte si ujít aktuality k akci na facebooku.

Vzhledem k aktuální situaci a nouzovým opatřením jsme byli nuceni akci Seafood and Prosecco zrušit.

Mistři kuchyně vám ve stánku v DEPO2015 s radostí připraví nejrůznější mořské speciality jako jsou kalamáry, krevety na grilu, slávky na víně a také tapas. Prosecco samozřejmě nebude chybět! 

I v těchto nezvyklých časech se můžete těšit na náš seafood. Stylové a prostorné DEPO2015 vybízí k tomu, že se bez problémů můžeme přizpůsobit COVID pravidlům a skvěle si užít grilované a ostatní dobroty. Zajistíme vám rozestupy a spoustu míst k sezení, abychom všichni v pohodě zůstali "negativní". Těšte se na "pozitivní" kalamáry, chobotnice, krevety a ryby... k tomu naše slavné pomazánky a tataráky, a samozřejmě - prosecco. Těšíme se na vás!

Pro více informací o akci klikněte ZDE.

The courtyard of DEPO2015 will be full of food trucks that will offer the best of Czech street food gastronomy.

Do not miss this TASTY festival! For the most up-to-date information follow Facebook event.

FREE entry

Máte doma malé kutily? Co takhle naučit je práci se základním nářadím a materiály pod vedením zkušeného lektora?  V průběhu 14 lekcí budou děti rozvíjet svoji zručnost a osobitý projev při realizaci několika řemeslných projektů. Prostor bude i pro vlastní nápady.

Novým lektorem kroužku je pan Vladimír Šípek, bývalý šef výroby v Techmanii, se zkušeností s vedením dětských táborů. Vladimír je v důchodovém věku a plánuje se s dětmi věnovat převážně práci se dřevem.

Pro přihlášení na Řemeslný kroužek:

1. Zašlete vyplněnou přihlášku na email

(Přihláška ke stažení ZDE, dole v přílohách).

2. Cenu kroužku 2500 Kč prosím zaplatťe ZDE.


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