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Gift vouchers

You can give your friends or relatives a voucher for products from the Makerspace open workshop!

Vouchers can be used for:

a) an hourly membership in the open workshop for CZK 900. The price includes compulsory safety training, 4 induction lessons (8 lessons for students or seniors) where you can try out various machines and their operation. The membership also includes services such as cloakroom, master consultations and material bank. 

b) an hourly use of the workshop for non-members for the price of CZK 100 per hour or for members for CZK 50 per hour - you can buy packages of 10 hours.

c) a course in the open workshop from the current offer in the DEPO2015 programme or an individual course with a master of a particular workshop at

The price of the voucher reflects the course or membership chosen and is not a tax invoice.