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The title of the exhibition is based on considerations about connection, stitch, fabric, threads, lines and lines.

Suturis loosely translated from Latin means to sew together, to attach together, to unite different materials, even intangible ones. The breadth of the found topic provides room for free interpretation, the output is diverse approaches expressed across media consolidated into one exhibition;


"With a stitch, a new condition is created, either it connects disparate materials, something immaterial in the figurative sense, or it makes cracks disappear. These can be negative phenomena that occur in interaction with other people - a stitch is a compromise, the stitching of different wishes into one.


Chaos in the head in the form of a frayed thread will connect the contents of the head - the stitches will create a patchwork of thoughts, opinions and feelings - self-determination, self-rooting.

A seam is an acknowledged joint that acknowledges the imperfection of the current state.

At the same time, he knows how to hide what must remain unrecognized."

The archipelago is an association of students and graduates of Pilsen art schools. Most of the members are represented by their works at this exhibition, the collective's third.

Anna Kaiser

Vojtěch Sušanka

Adriana Urbanková

Vojtěch Pokštefl

Rebeka Konasová

Barča Šíchová

Dan Ken

Františka Bolfová

Jan Turek

Kami Ullmann

Simča Rodinů

The opening will take place on July 9 at 18:00 in the GAFA gallery, DEPO2015

suturis - kopie.jpg

28 June – 21 July 2024



DEPO2015 Creative Zone


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