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Jonmar van Vlijmen

Office O.N.E.

In Pilsen, Vestredu Gallery transformed in summer 2014 into a temporary EU office for the EU civil servant of the future. Jonmar van Vlijmen invited Pilsener citizens and experts to explore together the Czech perspective on European identity. 

Jonmars project called „Office O.N.E. - Office for New Europeanism" was questioning the appearance of one single European identity and through dialoges, Jonmar explored the democratic deficit. After many other cities, from July 7th 2014 Office O.N.E. arrived to Pilsen for two and a half month to explore the Czech perspective on European identity after 10 years of Czech EU membership. Part of this residency was also public competition for the best design of new european glag, whose winner received a prize of 100 Euros. 

This residency was cooperation project of Open A.I.R and Motel Spatie and Vestredu gallery.