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József Havasréti

Parallel Cities – From Diary of a Crypto-Urbanist 

 The project is based on the fact that Plzen, that my host city, and Pecs, my home town is similar to each other. Plzen is the fourth biggest city in Czech Republic with 168,000 inhabitants, while Pecs is the fifth one in Hungary with 145,000 inhabitants. You can find brewery, museum for puppetry arts, art academy in both cities, and both Plzen and Pecs are roman catholic dioceses. Both of them -- directly or indirectly -- had very important role in developing the modernism in art and architecture, and both Plzen and Pecs have very strong contemporary art scenes. During my stay in Plzen I would like to find more similarities and differences. My project interpreted the correspondents and contrasts using visual documents and text analysis with personal and individual comments. 

This residence was enabled thanks to Pécs Writers Program