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Sandra Ghosn

Polyphonies Vagabondes: Chapitre I. Beyrouth-Paris-Pilsen 2015.

Sandra Ghosn was born in Beyrouth (Lebanon) in 1983.
After a training in Psychology and Modern Languages she focused her work on the studying of image at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts. Then, she studied at the National School of Fine Arts where she won three prices.

Her work has been shown in France in many places, e.g. la Générale en Manufacture (Sèvres, 2011), le Batofar, (Paris, 2012), l´INALCO (Paris, 2013), le Musée de Plein Air des Maisons Comtoises (Besançon, 2014) or at l´Atelier Richelieu for Ddessin´s meeting (Paris, 2015).

Her video Bombes (2012) have been selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Festival Miden and Festival Loopingstar.

Her last series of drawings Nôus Sommes have been produced at the Finnish residence Mustarinda, in 2014.

Her artist statement:
I´m focused on human behaviour abandonned for themselves, in a society where the expression of dignity is steadily decreasing. Having growing up in Lebanon, I naturally pay attention on the way that people live, when they have to deal with cyclical fate between war and post-war time.“

Sandra´s residency took place from 11/04 till 31/05 in the city of Pilsen and it culminated into a public presentation of her residency art work. She also held a creative comics workshop for wide public on 12/04 in the Fresh Air Gallery from 4pm. This event took place within the 6th year of the Festival of Arab Culture.

Sandra engaged to respond to the letters with a second chapter, exploring the potentialities of a spacial dialogue navigating between continents, images and words. The event is the first part of a 5 chapters odyssey starting in Pilsen.

See the official FB event of the final presentation here.

Check her websites here.