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Yasuhiro Chida

Japanese artist Yasuhiro Chida (*1977) is interested in specific topics such as spatial awareness or change of somatic perception. He has originally studied architecture at Musashino Art University. 
Part of his creative process involves nature, where he spends much of his time, and which he incorporates into his work. He allows various forces of nature to act upon his installations, such as the movement of the sun across the sky throughout the day.

Within three weeks in Pilsen he created an art piece Brocken 5.1 in the Makerspace DEPO2015 to be later on presented at the BLIK BLIK - the Light Festival. The installation Brocken 5.1 is based on a phenomenon called the Brocken Spectre or mountain spectre. This phenomenon appears high in the mountains when a climber stands with his back to the sun and gazes from the ridge into the mist, creating a gigantic shadow of the observer that is surrounded by a rainbow. In this installation the viewer enters an interactive object intersected by 60,000 holes that create the illusion of a flight through a starry sky. Brocken 5.1 also makes reference to the topic of absolute darkness, that is, a commodity that is altogether insufficient in large cities. His installation was also successfully introduced in October 2016 at the Signal Light Festival in Prague.

Partners: EU-JAPAN FEST JAPAN COMMITTEE, BLIK BLIK, Makerspace DEPO2015, Signal Festival