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The main goal of the Baroque Region of Bohemia Bavaria project is to increase the value and connect the common cultural heritage of the Bavarian and Pilsen regions.

Part of the project are the neighboring regions of Upper Franconia, Upper Palatinate, Lower Bavaria on the Bavarian side and West Bohemia with the Pilsen and Karlovy Vary regions on the Czech side, which have great cultural and historical potential with their cultural baroque heritage. The project aims to connect the cross-border aspect of Baroque monuments as a common cultural heritage.

The Baroque period in this area is characterized by cultural and historical parallels: trade, history, piety and art, these are the same between 1619 and 1745 in Bohemia and Bavaria. Master builders, architects and artists worked on both sides, and their cross-border works are proof of that. 

The aim of the project is to revive cross-border cultural exchange, significantly increase cultural and tourist activity, connect monuments and events, interest the young generation, discover hidden baroque treasures and revive the entire era with innovative contributions.


The following activities were selected to achieve the desired result:

1. Barock-Info information platform

Bilingual information platforms Barock-Info - 50 Baroque monuments of national and approx. 130 monuments of regional significance, which will be published on and

2. Magazine of the Baroque region of Bohemia Bavaria

To start the Baroque season, at the beginning of summer in 2018, 2019, 2020, the Magazine of the Baroque Region of Bohemia Bavaria will be published with a cultural overview of Baroque monuments for the given season.

3. Baroque online

The most important source of information about the Baroque region of Bohemia and Bavaria are the websites and In addition to the Barock-Info information platform, current contributions to the topic will be regularly published on both sites.

4. Behind the Baroque – interactive exhibition at DEPO2015 and on the road

The exhibition Behind the Baroque is an interactive exhibition project for children and youth, which will premiere at the end of 2018 at DEPO2015 in Pilsen. The bilingual exhibition will be conceived in an attractive form, which will allow visitors of all generations to actively participate in the discovery of the Baroque theme.

5. Baroque gems of Bohemia Bavaria - traveling exhibition

100 of the most important Baroque buildings in the subsidy area will be presented at a traveling exhibition called Baroque Treasures of Bohemia Bavaria (approx. 50 on the Bavarian side, approx. 50 on the Czech side of the project area).

6. Baroque cultural events

Cultural events in and around Baroque architectural monuments on the Czech and Bavarian sides will bring the Baroque period to life. Baroque ensembles, baroque delights and a baroque accompanying program will attract visitors and cement the baroque period in public awareness during the cultural seasons of 2018, 2019 and 2020.

7. Master music classes

The master music courses aim to discover the common cultural heritage of baroque music, connect young music students from both sides of the border with professional lecturers and present the discovered and studied works to the public.

8. Seminars

Two weekend seminars for tourist guides and a seminar for young craftsmen on the topic of stucco technique.

9. Interpretation and animation of the baroque heritage

A professional symposium will be held in the newly restored premises of the monastery in Teplé, focused on the interpretation and animation of the baroque heritage.


The target group is all residents of the project area; starting with children from the 1st school year and ending with the senior group. The implementation of the project takes place from 1 October 2017 to 31 September 2020.

The leading partner of the project is Bavaria Bohemia e.V., the project partner is Plzeň 2015, z.ú. and KULTURISTA, an association for culture and tourism.

The project is financed from the program Cross-border cooperation Czech Republic – Free State of Bavaria, objective Eús 2014-2020.

Summer Baroque Festival 2020

Also in 2020, we are collaborating on organizing selected cultural events as part of the Summer Baroque Festival. In May, we invite you to the Baroque afternoon in Valč and the Baroque festival in Horšov. In the summer, you can enjoy the Baroque program in Plasy, Manětín, Tachov or Chotěšov.

Baroque magazine 2020

The third edition of Barokní magazín will be published in May 2020. You can look forward to articles and interesting facts about cultural monuments and events in West Bohemia (Pilsen and Karlovy Vary regions) and in Bavaria (Upper Franconia, Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria).

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