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DEPO2015 is a lively space where culture and business connect. The main goal is to support the so-called creative industries.

The creative zone DEPO2015 is a pillar of the sustainability of the Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015 project. In the former depot of city's transport companies, you will now find halls for interactive exhibitions, conferences and  theaters, a cafe ÚSTŘEDNA DEPO, the DEPO Market with several unique shops, a community garden, offices for rent, art and student studios, sports and tap studio, Industrial Trail and spaces for resident artists. We create, produce, exhibit and sell in one place!

We create and organize interactive exhibitions, festival of light BLIK BLIK, Street Art Festival WALLZ, the Czech-Bavarian festival Treffpunkt in Pilsen and Regensburg, European Neighbor Day, Pilsen Design Week, Street Food Markets or DEPOvLETU. We also host many important festivals, fairs, cultural and sporting events. We also collaborate on projects outside the DEPO2015 area: Summer Baroque Festival, Náplavka na Radbuze, etc.

We support creativity, craftsmanship and design. Part of DEPO2015 is a craft studio intended mainly for children, and also two Sutnarka studios (FDU LS ZČU). Students of the Sculpture and Space and Furniture and Interior Design studios acquire practical skills and exhibit at DEPO2015.

Our approach is openness, networking and sharing of resources, thoughts and ideas, so don't hesitate to contact us. Maybe right now...

Information for visitors:

The entire DEPO2015 grounds are barrier-free, except for the Step by Step studio and some office spaces. For more information, please contact the reception on the phone number +420 702 019 508 or email

Our vision and mission

Our vision is a place where people work, study, do business and create while enjoying exhibitions, concerts, art and gastronomy. It must be said that so far in relatively modest conditions in terms of technical infrastructure, which still awaits a more fundamental reconstruction of historical buildings.

Our mission is to fulfill the basic aspects associated with the title of European Capital of Culture and its sustainability, i.e. strengthening the European dimension and the involvement and activation of citizens. European cooperation is important to us, which is why we join European networks, maintain cooperation between European capitals of culture, universities and independent centers of a similar focus. We fill empty places in the cultural and social offer in Pilsen and the Pilsen Region.

The principles we adhere to are openness, sharing of resources, thoughts, ideas and collaboration instead of competition.

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Pilsen 2015, registered institute

Plzeň 2015 is a non-profit organization founded by the city of Pilsen for the purpose of preparing and implementing the program part of the European Capital of Culture 2015 project. After 2015, it transformed from a non-profit company to a registered institute with an extension of activity for an indefinite period to ensure the sustainability of selected projects and run the Creative Zone DEPO2015.

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