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Do you want to have a rocket start of your music career with a band, but you're at a loss where to start? Are you a soloist and want to break through on the music scene? You've found your style, you've got a few songs in your pocket, but what's next? Have you been stuck in one place for a while and can't move forward? The first year of DEPOvLET Artist Academy opens its doors!

Every musician started somehow. Everyone could get stuck at a dead end at some point. Everyone needs a little nudge sometimes. And our experts in the music industry are ready to pass on their know-how to you. Sign up to DEPOvLET Artist Academy and take part in the June workshop, where managers, creators and bookers of the Czech music scene will go over basic topics such as technical requirements and stage plan, PR and promo and copyright. Two performers / two bands will be drawn from the artists who will participate in the workshop, who will play with professional sound with the support of a sound master and technician as part of the DEPOvLET music festival in July.

Participation in DEPOvLET Artist Academy is free. 

DEPOvLETU Artist Academy is supported by SoundCzech – Skills IN 2022.

Artist academy
Artist academy



18:00 - 21:00


DEPO2015 Creative Zone



The workshop will take place on 06/06/2022 from 18:00 to 21:00 in DEPO2015. During the workshop, there will be speakers from the ranks of music professionals who will train the participants in the areas of promoting concerts and building the brand of a musical group, technical production and movement in a professional environment, and copyright and orientation in Czech collective administrators and their services. Confirm your participation in the workshop by filling out the form. At the end of the workshop, a draw will take place and a live performance will be arranged with the winning bands/performers as part of DEPOvLET. 


Live performances as part of the DEPOvLETU festival will take place on July 21 and 26 in the courtyard of DEPO2015 under the guidance of an expert technical and production team. Bands / performers will be included in the festival program and promotional materials.


  • The competition is open to bands and solo artists of all genres.

  • More than half of the band members (or the solo artist himself) must come from West Bohemia.

  • Only bands and solo artists who do not have music production as their main source of income can enter the competition.

  • Only bands and solo artists who have their own original works in their repertoire can compete. 

  • Contestants must accompany themselves with their music (this is not a karaoke show)

  • To log in, it is necessary to provide a recording (in any recognizable quality) for the organizer to listen to (by inserting a link to online streaming or a folder where the recording can be downloaded).

  • To apply, bands and solo artists must provide a project presentation photo (promo photo)

  • The creation or public communication of the contestant must not promote hatred towards persons because of their real or perceived belonging to a racial or ethnic group, or because of their real or perceived religion, origin or sexuality.

  • Registration of a competitive band or solo artist is understood  filling out the form.


Michal Rolcik - festival producer (United Islands of Prague, Lipno Fest), co-organizer of dozens of concerts by foreign artists in Prague including Skrillex (ArtProm and Everything Goes agencies), producer and fundraiser of the Živá ulice festival, twice as producer of the street theater V.O.S.A. Theater and Czech National Day at EXPO (Milano, Antalya). An active musician (bass guitar in MoveBreakers), he worked as a manager and producer of partner brand zones (Jameson, Beefeater, Absolut) at leading Czech festivals.  

Topic: How to move in the professional world of production? What are the technical demands and requirements of the organizers and how to prepare for them?

Ricardo Delfino - music publicist (,, PR manager (Groove Brno, Top RoofTop fest, Dirty Old Dogs, The Drain and other artists), booker (AMPromotions), manager (Wild Delfino Booking), dramaturg ( Top RoofTop fest) and musician.

Topic: How to promote the concert and your brand? How to prepare your band for music media?

Jakub Novy - chairman of the Union of Authors and Performers, chairman of the Czech Music Association and a musician.

Topic: How to find your way in the world of collective administrators? What are the basics of copyright?

Panel discussion on music in the media, moderated by Ricardo Delfino

Jiří Vladimír Matýsek - music columnist for Full Moon Magazine and, freelance copywriter, translator of music literature for the Omega Book, web editor for Deník pro Východní Chechy.

Kamil Kacerovský - editor-in-chief of the West Bohemian Deník, in the past he led the editorial office of Plzeňské deník, Týdeník 5plus2 and the regional MF Dnes.

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