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For the last ten days of July, the courtyard of the cultural and creative zone DEPO2015 belonged to the music festival DEPOvLET. The third year brought several novelties. This time, the program presented Czech bands and projects that were awarded not only here, but also abroad. The audience could, for example, watch the duo Kalle, Ochepovsky & ILÆY trio or The Valentines shortlisted for the Eurovision Song Contest. The stage also belonged to four up-and-coming bands who went through the DEPOvLET Artist Academy professional training seminar in June. There was also the traditional Stand Up Comedy on a stand, a swing dance hall and, newly, an evening bar with a grill from the Ústředna DEPO café and bistro.

Depovletu - Decode Nevergreen-50.jpg

DEPOvLET started on July 20Stand up Comedy. She visited Pilsen after a long timeEster Kočičková, which they secondedDominik Herman Lev andPeter Otter.


The following days, the evening program was mainly filled with concerts. These were tuned more alternatively this time. CourtyardDEPO2015 came to life with the energetic music of the sought-after producerIgor Ochepovsky or live electronicsduo Brothers, who represented the country at many prestigious foreign shows. We were also visited by the nominees of the European music competitionEurovision Song Contest The Valentines, praised by music columnists as alternativeCall together withtalent competition winners Karlovy Vary Region The Sidewaves and travelers modernrock psychedelics Acid Row andLambda.

This year's choice of performers tried to be more accepting of the spirit of the spaceDEPO2015, where the concerts take place, and at the same time it was a pleasant alternative to the more commercial performances that will take place in the summer in Pilsen as part of other events and concerts. The opportunity to perform on stage thanks to attending the first year of the workshop for budding musiciansArtist Academy DEPOSIT provided by four starting bands. ProjectsGame nature andThe Amsterdam Hamster then it belonged to the evening of July 21, the 27th they came outNevergreen andDecode.

She added variety to the concert marathon on July 26swing dance club. Music for dancing and listening was provided by live performersswing band.


DEPOvLET was also spiced upgastronomy. He was waiting for visitorsbartender's selection of cocktails and eveningbar with grill fromcafes and bistros Central DEPO.

20 - 30 July 2022


DEPO2015 Creative Zone

0 – 280,-


20. 7.  |  20:00  | 
On the stand: Ester Kočičková, Dominik Heřman Lev and Petr Vydra | Stand Up Comedy           

21. 7.  |  20:00  | 
Her nature + The Amsterdam Hamster | DEPOvLET concert Artist Academy winners 

22.7.  |  20:00  |                           
Kalle + The Sidewaves | Concert   

23.7.  |  20:30  |                              
Brothers |  Concert  

26. 7.  |  20:00  |  
Nevergreen + Decode |  Concert DEPOvLET Artist Academy winners

27. 7.  |  18:00  | 
Swing dance studio |  Dance hall with live and reproduced music

28. 7.  |  21:00  |                   
Ochepovsky & ILÆY trio |  Concert

29. 7.  |  20:00  |                            
Acid Row + Lambda |  Concert       

30. 7.  |  21:00  |                          
The Valentines |  Concert   


DvL 2023_REKLAMA čtverec.jpg





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