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The industrial trail following the historical attractions of the former sugar factory or tram depot and the current DEPO2015 area was opened for visitors before the end of last year. However, it is now presented in a new illustrated coat and also with new game elements, which will make it attractive especially for families with children.

The format of marked stops is preserved from the original trail, where visitors can use a QR code to play short videos about the given place. The guide in the videos is always a historical figure closely related to the given location. Visitors can thus meet, among others, the engineer Smola, František Křižík, the builder Farkač and many other personalities associated with the industrial heritage of the city of Pilsen.

The novelty that the trail brings is a tracking game intended for young and old interested in industrial history. The story begins with a time machine that transports visitors to the past. In order for everyone to return safely to the present, they must go through all the stops, solve the puzzles, find the second time machine and start it. At each stop, the visitor will be asked a question, to answer which he will have to examine the nearby surroundings in detail. "The industrial trail is currently one of the many opportunities to visit DEPO2015. Our goal was therefore to expand it to include activities for small visitors and to make the entire area even more accessible. We want to make visitors raise their heads during the industrial walk, look around, search for architecture and notice details," says DEPO2015 program director Jan Štěpán about the project.

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1/5/2023 – no restrictions


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A map of the area, which can be taken from the feeder right at the start of the trail, will help visitors find the individual stations with puzzles. The map also serves as a worksheet for writing down answers. If someone is not sure of the solution after all, they don't need to hang their heads, because they can find the right answers in the help. However, these are redeemed by physical activity. If the visitor really performs it, it depends only on his conscience. The one who manages to decipher everything correctly and finds the time machine will be rewarded with the opportunity to start it and thus enjoy a return to the present in the form of a light and sound installation.

In addition to the employees of DEPO2015, the creator of escape games, an illustrator and a scenographer participated in the development of the tracking game. "We hope that we managed to prepare a fun, smart and visually interesting walk through the industrial history and actually the present of the DEPO2015 area," adds Štěpán.

The entire industrial trail takes place in the outdoor areas of the DEPO2015 complex and is therefore accessible daily, even during government-ordered measures.

All you need for this is a map with a pencil that you can take to the start, a smart phone with mobile data to read QR codes if you want to watch videos mapping the history of the area, and then just the courage to go into the past and look for a way back.

The Industrial Trail in DEPO2015 was created with the support of the Pilsen Region.


Entrance FREE
Open every day
Language variants of the tracker:
 English, German

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