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The popular Czech-Bavarian Days, which have been held in Pilsen since 2015 in connection with the European Capital of Culture and took place in the years 2017-2019 as part of the Czech-Bavarian cultural platform under the Treffpunkt brand, continue under the new name kultur | contact | creative

Artist residencies | Festivals | Meeting | Symposium

Pilsen and Regensburg are traditionally close to each other. The "culture | contact | creative" project is a continuation of the Czech-Bavarian platform, which you know mainly thanks to the festival's Treffpunkts. We are now adding exchanges of young artists to them. They will be given the opportunity to create abroad for several weeks and present their works to you at festivals in the spring in Pilsen and in the fall in Regensburg. A total of 10 residencies will take place each year on both sides of the border, 4 festivals and 1 final symposium await us.

Cross-border project of cultures | contact | creative from July 2019 to December 2021 is implemented by Pilsen 2015, the city of Regensburg and the Bavaria Bohemia Center. It is financed by means from the EU - Objective of the EUC 2014-2020.

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