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WALLZ 2021

A panel housing estate, a busy intersection, the terminus of a trolleybus, a noise barrier along the road or a public transport stop... Various places throughout the territory of Pilsen and with a significant influence on their surroundings were transformed during the second year of the WALLZ festival into large-scale, thanks to leading Czech and foreign street art artists and permanent works of art. In total, ten artists participated in the six-day event at the invitation of the DEPO2015 venue, who painted a total of more than 2,500 m2 of surfaces on houses and walls.


For example, the legend of the Czech graffiti scene Jan Kaláb, the first lady of Czech street art Toy Box, artists David Strauzz, Jakub Tytykalo, Ondřej Klíma aka Domino or one of the biggest personalities of contemporary European graffiti from the Urban Spree gallery in Berlin, Johannes Mundinger, came to Pilsen. The public could watch the creation of the works "live" throughout the week.

"The main goal of this year is the cultivation of public space. All realizations are in places that need this intervention and the proposed graffiti react to the surrounding environment and work with it. We are trying to show the direction that other property owners and managers can follow. With these implementations, we would like to arouse the interest of the residents of Pilsen in the specific place where they live and help them to start noticing things such as non-functional advertisements for companies that no longer exist, but which are permanently created on buildings and overwhelm their surroundings." DEPO2015 program director Jan Štěpán emphasizes at the beginning.

List of artists and surfaces:


Jan Kaláb aka Point (Czech Republic)

  • Location: Komenského 61

  • 24 x 12 m - 288 m2 - paint + spray


David Strauzz (Canada / Czech Republic)

  • Location: shield Kalikova 4

  • 14 x 14 m – 200 m2 – paints + spray


Jakub Tytykalo (Czech Republic)

  • Location: object final troll. 12, Pilsen - Božkov

  • Approx. 14 x 7 x 3 m – 80 m2 – paints + spray


Johannes Mundinger (DE)

  • Location: SOŠ Business, Art and Design studios - Klatovská třída 200p

  • 6 x 7 m - 42m2 - approx. 120m2 - colors


Nikola KHOMA Vavrous (CZE)

  • Location: interchange Staniční ul., Plzeň 4

  • 24 x 3m  - approx. 80m2 – paints + spray


Ondřej Klíma aka Domino (CZ)

  • Location: retaining wall Rokycanská tr.

  • About 300 x 3 m - 900 m2 - paints + spray


Zooter (PT)

  • Location: DDM Skupovka, Skupova 4a, Plzeň 3

  • 24 x 14m - approx. 140m2 - paint + spray


Toy Box (CZ)

  • Location: Near Radbuza

  • 24 x 14m - approx. 140m2 - paint + spray

  • Realization of an illustration for the project People in Need - Faces of Climate Change


Jan Miko (Czech Republic)

  • Location: FN Lochotín stop

  • 6 x 12 m - approx. 70 m2 - paint + spray


Arseniy Aleinik - FDULS (BLR)

  • Location: DEPO2015

  • approx. 200 m2 – paints + spray

17/06/2023 – 23/06/2023



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